Lighthouse of Alexandria
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Ptolemy Soter, father of Philadelphus Soter

Built in 279 BC,the lighthouse consisted of three main parts, which included: The Lowest Square, The Middle Octagonal and The Third Circular. The two primary materials used for the exterior were lead mortar and white marble. Enormous pieces of granite were also used for columns that were transported from Aswan’s mines.
The Lighthouse operating during the day.

The lighthouse of Alexandria was slowly destructed throughout the years by various causes, but mainly by earthquakes. In 1323 the lighthouse was completely in ruins because of two vigorous earthquakes that did very severe damage to it. This regrettably led to its elimination. Many years later,approximately 1480 the remaining pieces of the monument’s stone and marble were used to build a medieval fort on its base.

The Lighthouse;night operations.

The Lighthouse meant more to people than just an entity. Its exterior was breath taking, its magic mirror puzzled the minds of many and its re-assurance brought hope to countless people.