Lighthouse of Alexandria
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Lighthouse of ALexandria

The Lighthouse of Alexandria is one of the most impressive monuments that was ever erected. It is also known as the Pharos lighthouse and was created in order to navigate trade ships into the harbour.
Map of where the Lighthouse once stood.

Sostratus, the architect, was truly an academic. He was the contemporary of Euclid, which was one of the most exceptional mathematicians of antiquity. The Lighthouse stood in the Nile river delta, on a promontory, which disjoins Lake Maryot from the Mediterranean Sea. Due to the harsh sailing conditions, it was essential.

Alexander the Great

Shortly after the death of Alexander the Great, which was the ruler of Egypt, Ptolemy Soter assumed power. He was the initiator of this construction however; he unfortunately never lived to see the final project. His son became heir to his possessions, which meant he was the new founder.